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New Look Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1

Posted by promo on September 19th, 2012

Striping design or graphic display on the Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1 to date have involved holding a role important enough to be the main attraction and tie consumer interest has ideal vehicle. Yamaha Motor Indonesia has managed to pay attention to this one and All New Jupiter Z1 has been given a touch of cool graphics-striping and good in view are like wrapping cloth on the body beautiful model, so this is not just a bike yamaha responsive yet appear attractive.

For this type of "first Yamaha motorcycle injection" is appropriate if many agree that the All New Jupiter Z1 series is absolutely fantastic either category of engine design, fuel technology and beautiful striping and his new gorgeous colors. The emphasis this time themed graphic masterpiece "gold metal dragon heart" or the depiction of a dragon gold from the sky amid strong scratch. Illustration of golden dragon metal is likened by yamaha bike like a futuristic robot dragon turned through the latest technology YMZFI a super sophisticated and solid. Yamaha with precision taking a material element of the metal to further reinforce the impression that this bike is quite sophisticated and modern. Unique Graphics All New Jupiter Z1 pinned on the side and leg shield cover. Design in the All New Jupiter Z1 body more attractive with Fuel Injection posts on the right and left leg shield. Then can also be seen near the front panel there is a sticker All New Jupiter Z1.

Various color options to give Yamaha the bike look fresh touch All New Jupiter Z1, until viable a choice for their customers. Hero bike is white with a choice of three different self that is essentially cool white color combined with red and black. The red color is placed on the center backbone, this is the first time the red color on the parts to the motorcycle in Indonesia. Red color of striping portray sophistication Fuel Injection yamaha motor.

As for the choice of white red and black combination just made for All New Jupiter Z1 CW series (Cast Wheel). Varian was racing wheels are also available in four different colors namely blue other color combination of black, black with black, green, black and dark red. For four-color was his backbone center section is black.

Yamaha bike's features even more rich technology and definitely look stylish with a red pinstripe for Z1 Jupiter CW red, black and white. While All Jupiter Z1 CW green pinstripe blue and white chosen her. Yamaha also provide Z1 Jupiter Spoke Wheel (wheel radius) black color combination of black and red color combination of black.

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